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Wow! So much has changed since I last revised my bio. I can go into a list of all of the things of who I am. For the moment, I would just like to currently share that I have evolved and have had the oppurtunity to grow in many areas of my life.

Visit this Bio page within the next few weeks. I look forward to re-introducing myself.

I will share so so much in this area called ‘Bio’.

I am a woman that is on a mission to help the world become a better place – Tima

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I didn’t ‘Go Natural’! I returned. Natural is where it Began. Cherish and nourish what you’ve already been given. Your Natural Hair is an exquisite crown, a head full of unique healthy beauty.

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Currently updating this section.

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I am now conducting my S I P & D E S I G N Workshop Series. My favorite one is called ‘Let’s Get Waisted’. In this workshop,I share the tradition and art of waist beads in addition to also instructing step by step on how to make your own. More types of workshops to come in 2020. To view my current schedule of events, including all pop ups, Click Here