Wow! So much has changed since I last revised my bio. I can go into a list of all of the things of who I am. For the moment, I would just like to currently share that I have evolved and have had the oppurtunity to grow in many areas of my life.

Visit this Bio page within the next few weeks. I look forward to re-introducing myself.

I will share so so much in this area called ‘Bio’.

I am a woman that is on a mission to help the world become a better place – Tima

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m soooooo happy for you Sistah. This website is an authentically beautiful representation of you. Keep reaching & inspiring because you do it so well. I love you dearly.

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  2. Timaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol its Theresa, thank you so much for creating your website. After many years of wanting to create a place to learn and teach people about growth and health inside and out you have really got my ball rolling. Thank you tima I love it ❤

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