NOT Your Average DIY

My SIP & DESIGN series are NOT Your Average DIY jewelry classes!
My classes are instructional and A LOT of fun! We mix learning a new craft with education, healthy dialogue, wine & sweet treats.
My most recent class held on March 16th was the very first class I started with; “Let’s Get Waisted”; a waist beading class. In this session, all attendees were taught the history of African Waist Beads & learned how to make their very own.
Every woman who attends our “Let’s Get Waisted” jewelry class has a different customized experience because their waist beads are custom fit to their waist.
Waist Beads are worn as a celebration of womanhood, status, sexuality, femininity, fertility, healing, spirituality, protection, wealth and also used for body shaping. Beads are also great indicators in weight gain. They will fall lower on your waist if you lose weight, and become tighter or higher on your waist if you gain weight. We talk about weight gain & weight loss targets and teach you how to use your beads to aid you in your goals.
Our waist beads are made with (but not limited to) a variety of premium glass, seed and hex cut beads. Each are unique in color and in variation.
Instructing these classes have been an amazing experience thus far. We surely have grown from our very first class conducted in January of this year. It’s been a few months of intense & enjoyable growth.
Femininity is the ultimate form of sophistication.
Being Creative is not a hobby! It’s a way of Life.
In these jewelry classes, new memories are created.
We did something new in this particular class. It turned into a birthday party as well. Two of the beautiful women who attended were celebrating their special day, so we decided to surprise them. The energy in the room was absolutely perfect. It was an amazing way to close out our class.
Everyone also had the opportunity to try Noosa Yoghurt, who sponsored this “Let’s Get Waisted” jewelry class.

In our next SIP & DESIGN, we’ll be teaching how to make an Ankara Bib Necklace. Click on our events tab for our schedule of events.

Ankara Bib

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SASS & Strut ūüφūüĎĄ

Beautiful minds inspire others and Empowered Women; Empower Women!

I’m part of a phenomenal sisterhood on Facebook called Natural or Not. . .Hair We Come! It started off as a hair group giving natural hair care tips. It has currently grown to a¬†tribe of almost 6k women sharing their LIFE experiences and supporting each others’ creativity, ventures and businesses.

We had a private¬†event¬†last Saturday¬†in NYC in collaboration with Allure Dance NYC, led by our fierce and fab instructor for the night, Traye.¬†Not only did she teach¬†us ladies some great seductive and sensual dance moves, she taught us how to add that EXTRA ummmph; how to ‘Enhance our Sexy’! We had such a great time! That red lit room was full of confident women embracing their curves and owning their space on that dance floor. It’s also a plus when¬†you’re getting a¬†workout! Allure Dance NYC¬† has classes every Friday. You can also schedule a private class as a group. Check them out!

Collaboratively, NONHWC will be hosting another themed dance class and more events in the next coming weeks. Keep up with us on Facebook at Natural or Not. . .Hair We Come and on Instragram @hair_we_come

There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. That is the true essence of beauty ~ Dr. Steve Maraboli

Ladies, Always be Confident, Beautiful and continue to ‘Enhance your Sexy’

The Entrepreneur Experience 

The Entrepreneur Experience was curated by The UpperRoom Events and took place on Saturday, April 23rd at 12pm at Amarachi Prime Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. The ambiance was outstanding! The d√©cor was both light and vibrant! The room was filled with beautiful people. . .a rich blend of attendees, successful entrepreneur’s and small business owners looking for¬†resources to grow their businesses.¬†The topic of discussion was on ‘Building your Brand’.

The goal was to bring like-minds who are business-focused and oriented together. It was an absolute success!!!

The Keynote Speaker got the crowd off to a great start


Gbenga Omotayo is the author of the Best Selling Book, “How to Start Your Own Business While Employed!”¬†He’s committed to¬†helping transform countless small businesses in their approach to integrated marketing communications. He has trained hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs and helped many kick-start their business ownership vision.

He has spoken on various topics, with special emphasis on the areas of business startup and entrepreneurship, events marketing and communications, as well as business networking. Outside of work, Gbenga is the Youth Director at Abundant Life Christian Center and happily married with three great children. 

Gbenga touched on many key points at The Entrepreneur Experience. He expressed that you have to know your WHY. Why is it that you want to start the business you are interested in? Knowing your why adds Purpose; which fuels your passion!

Click Here to watch this video by 9JAQUEENBTV…Building with a Purpose

The Panelists 


Sharon Beason, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Womeneur, a platform launched in April 2015 to Connect, Enlighten and Empower female entrepreneurs by providing tools, resources, advice, events and motivation to propel their growth.

I met Sharon in the fall of 2014. She supported my business at an event I was vending and we exchanged information. She then supported me again at an event I had for the Holiday that same year. It was then that¬†Sharon shared her vision of Womeneur with me. To see it come to fruition and how it has evolved is absolutely amazing! It’s a prime example of Planning your work and working your plan! She is truly a force to be reckoned with. . .a fierce Leader helping to create more Leaders!

Sharon provided strategies on building a solid network and steps every entrepreneur should take on successfully branding their business.

Click Here to see Sharon in Action


Anie Akpe is the Founder and CEO of Innov8tiv Magazine. Anie is also an avid advocator for diversity and inclusion with the tech space. Through Innov8tiv, she seeks to highlight the underrepresented players in tech such as Blacks in Tech, Africans in Tech, Women in Tech and Minorities in Tech. She recently launched Networq App, an indie app that will improve how you network by allowing users to exchange electronic business cards.

I met Anie at an event that I was a guest speaker at last year in NYC, which she hosted. I was very impressed! To see an African Woman in a male dominated industry spoke volumes!

Anie shared how she skillfully handles three different businesses, the dynamics and costs involved in developing an app, and gave sound advice to those interested in opening their business overseas; primarily in West Africa.


Joseph Adewunmi is the founder of Amarachi Restaurant. Amarachi  is the Premiere Afro-Caribbean Fusion Restaurant in Brooklyn. Their Objective is to capture the excitement and diversity of the African And Caribbean cultures as they flourish in the United States, serving as a melting pot for fans of deliciously eclectic foods and drinks that stretch the fabric of the imagination.

Joseph made many key points on growing his establishment, gave insight on marketing ideas and strategies on how to continually generate customers, and shared some of the challenges that comes with being a restaurant owner.

Amarachi is a really beautiful space! That was my first time there. The food…absolutely delicious. I had a dish called Talapia Lati Nigeira; which is¬† a whole tilapia fried and topped with a sweet and spicy Afro-Asian sauce and shrimp with Jollof rice. If you are in the NY area, please stop by Amarachi Prime. In addition to your taste buds being happy, you will have a great time.


Daron Pressley is a former Fortune 500 sales and marketing executive who has been featured on outlets including Fox45 News, Black Enterprise magazine, The Washington Post, and American Express Open. As a consultant, Daron has worked with organizations including ESPN, WEtv, Sneaker Villa, and professional athletes and individuals to develop strategies to build, strengthen and grow brands. He has also produced content for Black Enterprise Magazine, Pressley has written original content, interviewed countless business and community leaders, celebrities and is instrumental in developing the BE Modern Man campaign.

Daron gave insightful tips on building your brand as an entrepreneur and he also gave advice on challenges and obstacles a few entrepreneurs in the black community may struggle with.

Legal Advice


Lydia C. Hills, Esq. is the owner of The Hills Firm which is a general practice law firm assisting clients throughout the New York City area in a variety of legal matters. The Hills firm provides efficient and cost-effective legal representation of New York City and Long Island (Suffolk and Nassau County) businesses, corporate entities and individuals. The firm proudly offers a range of legal services for Entrepreneurs, established Corporations and Businesses, and Non-Profit Organizations. Lydia is also known to be both a philanthropist and an entrepreneur internationally and locally. In addition to her membership in the Nigerian Lawyers Association, she is also a member of the Brooklyn Bar Association and BWEL (Black Women in Entertainment Law).

Lydia shared key legal points for entrepreneur’s to maintain a successful business.



To be inspired is great but to inspire is an honor! I had the pleasure of hosting this phenomenal event with MC & Lawyer by profession, Joshua Korode. I shared how I failed my way to success a few times. I also stressed that mistakes don’t make you a failure but beating yourself up makes you feel like one. Failure is nothing more than a challenge to revise your strategy. You only fail when you stop trying!

Don’t be ashamed of your story. It will Inspire others. By doing what you love, you also inspire and awaken the hearts of others.

Special Guest


Olutosin Araromi, Miss Nigeria USA 2015-2016 has used her platform to promote female empowerment, education as well as breast cancer awareness. After graduating college this May, she plans to start and launch her own non profit organization focusing on female empowerment, education and health awareness.


The Entrepreneur Experience was interactive. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in Q & A with the panelists. It opened up intriguing dialogue throughout the event.


The Entrepreneur Experience had wonderful sponsors. Each sponsor had the opportunity to introduce themselves and not only share their business, but what inspired and motivated them to start; and the passion and drive behind it.



The UpperRoom Events

The Entrepreneur Experience would not have happened without The UpperRoom Events Team, lead by the fierce, stunning, visionary; Yetunde Oso.


The UpperRoom Events is an event planning company that specializes in sophisticated celebrations that are full of style. Our services are built on the essential facets of successful event management–connecting people, devising smart solutions, and seeing the big picture while also mastering the fine details. We offer exceptional event planning and creative design for celebrity events, local and destination weddings, social events, private affairs and corporate functions. The UpperRoom Events work process reflects an authentic desire to make clients and guests feel calm, comfortable, appreciated, and welcomed. Every outstanding and remarkable event begins with precise planning, meticulous communication and by working closely with diverse teams, we execute phenomenal events that meet and exceed expectations‚ÄĒall with seeming ease and efficiency.

The Philosophy to making our clients happy is simple- Give them a successful event!‚ÄĚ ~ Yetunde Oso, CEO and Creative Director

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Thank You to all that supported The Entrepreneur Experience

Keynote Speaker –¬†Gbenga Omotayo
Legal Advice – Lydia Hills, Esq.

Sharon Beason
Daron Pressley
Anie Akpe
Joseph Adewunmi

Fatima Samad
Joshua Korode – MC JFK

Special Guest – Olutosin Araromi, Miss Nigeria

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