Straw Set Curls

I achieved these curls by doing a Straw Set. Follow these few steps.


1. Prepped all my products. I moisturized with Girl and Hair leave in conditioner. It’s very hydrating.

2. ALWAYS #Detangle your hair. I prefer using a Detangle Brush. I tried a new one today by Txture Pro I ❤ it & highly recommend it


3. Section your hair in the direction you want your twists to fall


4. Straw Set: Direction is important. I have about 4 small sections. I twisted my hair on the straws in an upwards motion (coming forward). I used #ecostyler Black Castor & Flaxseed Gel


5. Unravel; separate your curls


6. I Lightly teased my roots & curls with my fingers; again, in an upwards motion. I didn’t separate them much.


7. I Styled my curls in a Mohawk. I wanted my curls to look a lil old, not too fresh…so I did my straw set whilst my hair was dry. First time in a while with these curls. I love the end result. Switching up from time to time is good 😉

My side’s were shaved ✂✂✂ by Master Barber Kevin Kidd


Natural Hair Bloggers : A Few of My Favorites 

Many are inspired by how I wear my natural hair in various tapered cuts and curled styles. I love creating different shaved cuts, color patterns and twist out techniques. Do you ever want that cut, style or technique, but just don’t know where to look? I prefer to use Instagram and the # hashtag, which is a powerful tool for us Naturalista’s. . . to get inspiration!

I too am quite inspired by many other Natural Hair Bloggers. These are just very few of those that I have on my inspiration list which I want to share with you. You’ll find a variety of shaped haircuts, fros, coils, curls & protective styles.

1. @sheilandinda

2. @naturalhairrebel

3. @natashaleeds

4. @glammzmore

5. @missalexandrianicole

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7. @blakizbeautyful

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12. @belle_anoir

13. @dayelasoul

14. @avielleamor

15. @danieandthebloom

16. @iamfabellis

17. @enchanted26

18. @tjluvsbeingnatural

19. @askproy

20. christian_byshe

Naturalista. . .What’s That?

For the past few years, the term and hashtag #naturalista has been used by many. What exactly is a Naturalista? If you look in the dictionary or search Naturalista in your web browser, you will find different meanings. The first one I saw stated that a Naturalista is anything or anyone copying nature’s ways, its natural surroundings; pertaining to natural history; or anyone about or an advocate of naturalism. Another meaning stated that a Naturalista is a biologist knowledgeable about natural history. The one that stood out the most to me was the Urban Dictionary’s meaning.

Kudos to the author ❤️  I am a black African female and I totally identify and take pride in who I am, my hair and its wonderful texture. . .But, I believe being a Naturalista is deeper than what is written. It is what all these meanings state and then some! Being a Naturalista is a way of life. Being a Naturalista is being YOU! Naturalista’s come in all shades, shapes and sizes . They also rock fros, frohawks, tapered cuts, undercuts, locs, protective styles, blowouts and pressed hair.




Being a Naturlista is not a statement but the closest I can get to being myself! – Anonymous

What does being a Naturalista mean to you?

*Photo Credits* @africancreature @bennu_rising @loccrush @caraliekory @djandaj @deunivory