I LOVE the outdoors! When amongst nature, I receive far more than I seek.

Be thankful for your life, spend time in nature, take it all in, breathe deeply, let go of your worries, forgive yourself & others & build your life around what you love 💚 🍃


There is Beauty in Simplicity!

I love wearing basic items such as a plain tank or tee with denim paired with bold shoes and accessories.







Location | Battery Park City. . .NYC

Photographer | Matey Ghoslow Photography

Tank| Forever 21

High Waisted Jeans | Forever 21

Shoes | Kennyya by Steve Madden

Nail Shade | Blue it out of Proportion

Hat | H & M

Bag | Design By U Jewelry

Jewelry | Design By U Jewelry


The Brighter Side of Things

Think Happy. . .Be Happy! Stay on the Sunny Side of Life!

Yellow always uplifts my mood! It has many meanings; happiness, optimism, sunshine, laughter, enthusiasm, confidence, emotional strength, friendliness, self-esteem, creativity and uplifting are a few of my favorites.


Wherever I am, I stand Tall!


There are some walks that you have to take alone! No Worries. . .God will direct your steps!


Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it!

One of my many gifts is knowing how and where to shop on a budget! I bought this beautiful yellow tie knot asymmetrical dress from Rainbow Shops for approximately $18 and my sandals from Luichiny for about $150 about 11 years ago. I remember this vividly because my son was just a few months old. He’s now a vibrant pre-teen 🙂 My sandals are in mint condition! I’ve only worn them a few times.

I will share how I keep my shoes ‘Brand New’ for so many years in a future post.

Location | Battery Park City. . .NYC

Photographer | Matey Ghoslow Photography

Dress | Rainbow Shops

Shoes | Luichiny Shoes

Nail Shade | Blue it out of Proportion

Jewelry | Design By U Jewelry


I constantly inhale courage and confidence and exhale fear and doubt. When you own your own breath, no one can steal your peace. Do more than just exist!

Fill your life with experiences; not only things! Remember, it’s your life! Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for living it the way you want to.

Constantly make choices that liberate you. To realize who you are is Freedom!


I’m thankful for my struggle because without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength. Every brick that has been thrown at me; I’ve used to build a platform to stand on.

Self Love is the greatest medicine! Love your WHOLE story. Fall in love with taking care of yourself. . .Mind, Body, & Spirit!

Great things never came from comfort zones! Live less out of habit and more out of intent.

Be BOLD! Bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined

Location The Highline. . .NYC

Photographer   Matey Ghoslow Photography

Ankara Jumper Designed by me 😁 Available for purchase Fall 2016

Shoes From my closet! Purchased from Faith in London over 15 years ago

Natural Hair Bloggers : A Few of My Favorites 

Many are inspired by how I wear my natural hair in various tapered cuts and curled styles. I love creating different shaved cuts, color patterns and twist out techniques. Do you ever want that cut, style or technique, but just don’t know where to look? I prefer to use Instagram and the # hashtag, which is a powerful tool for us Naturalista’s. . . to get inspiration!

I too am quite inspired by many other Natural Hair Bloggers. These are just very few of those that I have on my inspiration list which I want to share with you. You’ll find a variety of shaped haircuts, fros, coils, curls & protective styles.

1. @sheilandinda

2. @naturalhairrebel

3. @natashaleeds

4. @glammzmore

5. @missalexandrianicole

6. @naturalbelle

7. @blakizbeautyful

8. @themarieantoinette

9. @zoezeigler

10. @candicoatedcurls

11. @blackonyx

12. @kentekinks

12. @belle_anoir

13. @dayelasoul

14. @avielleamor

15. @danieandthebloom

16. @iamfabellis

17. @enchanted26

18. @tjluvsbeingnatural

19. @askproy

20. christian_byshe


Beyoncé slays. . .Indeed! Not only is she strategic in dropping her video prior to her Super Bowl Performance; she blatantly makes it clear who she is!

This video is EPIC!


The lyrics to “Formation” are bold and representational. Not only does the theme adddress what is currently happening in today’s concerning and growing social issues, she diffuses rumors and proudly boasts her roots. I previously posted an article referencing pressure from media outlets to change who you are to fit society’s Beauty Standard Ideals. BeyoncĂ© makes it clear that she’s not interested in doing any of that! She loves exactly who she is and she needs her ladies to get in Formation!

Lyrics such as. . .“I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils”. . . Cameo of Blue Ivy and her squad, while BeyoncĂ© sings, “I like my baby hair, with baby hair and Afros”. . .hinting to the media making a mockery of her husband’s features and Blue Ivy’s natural tresses. Natural Hair has been on the rise! Some think it’s a trend; I beg to differ. It’s a Lifestyle! The clear representation of being proud of having natural hair is evident throughout the video. BeyoncĂ© made it clear that she does not care what anyone thinks!

It’s no secret that BeyoncĂ© has been referenced as being involved with the secret society; Illuminati. She opened by saying “Ya’ll Haters Corny With that Illuminati Mess. . .” This is the first time I’ve heard her mention and address it publicly. She makes it clear that she is blessed and she gains success by giving God thanks and by working hard.

Lyrics. . . I see it, I want it; I stunt, yeah, little hornet; I dream it, I work hard; I grind ’til I own it! And then some!

BeyoncĂ© pays homage to YouTube sensation of the early 2000’s, Messy Mya (tragically gunned down in 2010) who shared much light on what was happening in New Orleans. You will also see reference of the Church empowering people and highlights of police brutality.

I can go on and on about the representation in this video. Watch it if you haven’t already.

Lastly, BeyoncĂ© ended with the words “You know you that b!tch when you cause all that conversation! Always stay gracious! Best revenge is your paper.” HA! I highly agree!

Watch Formation Here

Quick Fix: Flat Twist Out and Straw Set

Below, you will find step by step details on how I achieved this Quick Flat Twist Out and Straw Set using the LOC Method.

  • First, I washed my hair with Cantu’s Complete Condtioning Co-Wash which gently cleanses your curls and your scalp. I like that its in a squeezable bottle; which makes applying it to my hair in the shower a lot easier. It’s also free of sulfates, silicones, parabens and mineral oil. . .and it smells absolutely amazing! 
After Co-Washing, I began the LOC Method
  • I applied a light water based leave-in conditioner by Giovanni. Moisturizing your hair restores its strength and builds body.
  • I then applied coconut oil to my hair. The oil helps lock in the moisture that I previously added with a leave-in conditioner. I used a cold-pressed and unrefined organic virgin coconut oil that I buy from Trader Joe’s. When massaged into your scalp, coconut oil helps to improve blood circulation; which helps support hair growth. Coconut Oil helps prevent split ends and your hair from breaking. It also makes your hair soft and adds luster and shine. It’s always best to apply oil to your hair when damp. 
  • I then combed my hair out with a wide tooth comb. This helps even out all the wonderful ingredients that I’ve added to my hair thus far. 
  • Next, I sectioned my hair in the direction I want my twists to fall. I usually prep about 4 small sections.
  • Flat Twists: Again, direction is EVERYTHING! This will determine how your curls look. I absolutely love to wear my curls in a frohawks. Starting from back to front, I twist in an upwards motion.
  • I then applied the last part of the LOC Method. I used Cantu’s Shea Butter for Natural Hair. . .Coconut Curling Cream. It moisturizes, defines curls and is excellent for dry hair! In the winter months, my hair tends to get very dry and brittle. I try my best to use products that will deep condition and retain moisture.
  • After twisting my hair, I then used straws to curl the ends of my flat twists.


I secure the straws with bobby pins. I allow my hair to air dry. If you prefer to sit under the dryer, be sure NOT to over dry your hair. . . and no worries; the straws will not melt 😅
When my twist were dry, I pulled them apart.

Finger Combing your curls helps twists stay in place




Products Used

Same Curls. . .Two days later 😊 

Naturalista. . .What’s That?

For the past few years, the term and hashtag #naturalista has been used by many. What exactly is a Naturalista? If you look in the dictionary or search Naturalista in your web browser, you will find different meanings. The first one I saw stated that a Naturalista is anything or anyone copying nature’s ways, its natural surroundings; pertaining to natural history; or anyone about or an advocate of naturalism. Another meaning stated that a Naturalista is a biologist knowledgeable about natural history. The one that stood out the most to me was the Urban Dictionary’s meaning.

Kudos to the author ❀  I am a black African female and I totally identify and take pride in who I am, my hair and its wonderful texture. . .But, I believe being a Naturalista is deeper than what is written. It is what all these meanings state and then some! Being a Naturalista is a way of life. Being a Naturalista is being YOU! Naturalista’s come in all shades, shapes and sizes . They also rock fros, frohawks, tapered cuts, undercuts, locs, protective styles, blowouts and pressed hair. 


Being a Naturlista is not a statement but the closest I can get to being myself! – Anonymous  

What does being a Naturalista mean to you?

*Photo Credits* @africancreature @bennu_rising @loccrush @caraliekory @djandaj @deunivory