What is African Black Soap?

I’ve had an influx of orders for my Authentic African Black soap during the Holiday season after I shared my personal testimonial on it on instagram; after frequently being asked how I am able to maintain flawless skin.

Many have been saying & asking, “I know it works, but what exactly is African Black Soap?” Below is a brief summary.

African Black soap has been used for centuries in West Africa. It is still made the traditional way from locally harvested plantain skins, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves & shea tree bark, to name a few potent ingredients. It is then fermented which is how the soap gets its brownish-black color.

*Please Note* African Black Soap  should not be entirely Black in color. If so, it is not authentic. It’s  watered down & mixed with different agents!

African Black Soap is suitable for all skin types! It can be used daily and it is also great for washing makeup off! If you have any skin sensitivity, it is best to do a skin test. Place a small amount of soap (wet it first) and leave it on an area of your skin for about a minute to see if you have a negative reaction to it. Another way is to choose an area on your skin to wash with it for 3 consecutive days (same area). Because of it’s organic ingredients, a negative reaction rarely happens (unless you have specific allergies).


Because of it’s potent ingredients, the soap is powerful. You should not leave ABS on your face for a long period of time. When you start using this soap, you will instantly see improvement in discoloration, skin tone, acne, reduction of razor bumps, ingrown hair bumps, fine lines and wrinkles. . .just to name a few. ABS detoxifies and purifies the skin, due to its amazing ingredients.

Plantain skins is high in vitamin A, which increases collagen production; vitamin E, has natural healing properties which helps  moisturize the skin; & iron, which boosts the benefits of both vitamins A and E.

Cocoa powder softens & firms the skin & its antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties, fight free radicals, repairs damaged skin, and renews skin cells.

Cocoa butter is a natural moisturizer loaded with vitamins A and E that fights & helps reverse the signs of aging. It also eases rashes, eczema, and psoriasis.

Shea butter also has vitamins A and E to strengthen skin, repair damage, and diminish wrinkles. Over time, ABS can help in healing sores, scars, & help with treating psoriasis, eczema, & dermatitis.

Palm oil is rich & packed with antioxidants and two forms of vitamin E which help heal acne and eczema.

Palm kernel oil, extracted from the fruit seeds of the African palm tree, is high in lauric acid, giving it antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that can help heal acne.

When African Black Soap is exposed to air, it may develop a thin, white film. There is no need to panic or worry. This is normal. It’s not mold nor is it a sign that it is expired, and the soap may still be used. African Black Soap has a very longgggggggg shelf life!

F A Q’s

What are the ingredients in Raw African Black Soap? How is it made?

The ingredients in Raw African Black Soap may vary depending on the region, but the soap consistently usually includes: plantain skins and leaves, bark from the shea tree, cocoa pods, oils (palm oil, coconut oil and/or shea butter). The skins, leaves, barks and cocoa pods are burned to ashes. Water and the oils are then added to the ashes. After being stirred for a day or more, the mixture  is left to ferment. There are absolutely NO CHEMICALS, artificial ingredients or preservatives in our A U T H E N T I C  African Black Soap.

Does African Black Soap contain alcohol and | or lye?

NO! Our Authentic African Black Soap contains neither alcohol or lye.

What are some of the benefits of African Black Soap?

It is an all-natural exfoliator which deep-cleanses the pores. It is suitable for all skin types. It helps fade dark marks and hyper-pigmentation, psoriasis and some eczema flare ups; (should not be used if the skin is broken; sore)

How do I use African Black Soap?

A little bit of African Black Soap goes a VERY LONG WAY! We’ve made it easier for you by cutting it in our classic soap pattern. Just add water and lather. Because of the uneven texture of the soap, we suggest lathering the soap in your hand and then applying the lather to your face (if using for your face only). If you’re using the African Black Soap to wash your hair, you can put pieces into a bottle, add water and shake it up. That will dissolve the soap and create a face | body wash & shampoo. This is easier and safer than buying already mixed African Black Soaps because you are controlling the contents that it’s being mixed with.

How do I store African Black Soap?

Since the African Black Soap has no preservatives, it must be stored in a cool, dry place. We suggest you keep your soap in a tin; not in plastic. If the plastic that you are storing your soap in; is not BPA free, it will absorb the toxins present in the plastic.

Note: the soap dissolves quickly when it is wet. If you let the entire soap or piece you’re using sit out in water, it will look like melted caramel by the time you are ready to use it again 😁 When stored, ABS may get a whitish film on it. If this happens, do not panic, It’s not mold! It’s just the effects of the soaps exposure to air.

Can I Use African Black Soap on my newborn?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! It is too strong for a newborn baby’s skin. We suggest you use on children 2 years of age and up (Only to bathe); do not leave on their skin for a long period of time.

African Black Soap didn’t work for my friend. Will it work for me?

Everyone’s skin is different because everyone has a different skin type. What works for another may not work for you. This is why we encourage you to do a skin test prior to using, as we mentioned in our summary. It also helps to know what you are buying. Not all African Black Soaps are Authentic.

How is it that I’m able to use this soap on my oily skin when there are oils present in the soap?

Though oil is present in the soap, it is not “oily”. The fermentation process gives all ingredients an amazing balance, which makes it a great exfoliator. It keeps your skin hydrated without increasing oil. If you have oily skin, please moisturize afterwards with a non-comedogenic lotion.

Can I use African Black Soap on my dry skin?

Yes you can! But, if you do not like to moisturize or wear lotion, please do not bother to use it! With those that have dry skin, the soap is effective, but you MUST moisturize and cream your skin immediately after using. It is a natural exfoliator, meaning it is striping skin. You have to replenish moisture to maintain balance.

What is the shelf life of African Black Soap?

African Black Soap has a very long shelf life. If stored in a dry cool place, it can last for approximately 10 years.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Your questions will help me add more insight to Design By U Essentials FAQ’s for ABS! Comment below or send us an email at info@designbyuessentials.com

Own Who You Are!

Hey There!

This is my very first post on my new website. It’s quite exciting! I truly never imagined starting off with pouring my heart out. I just knew my first post would be about a fresh new hair cut! Instead, I decided to share my thoughts.

Before the end of 2015, I shared a part of my world in a post on my personal Facebook & Instagram accounts. To my surprise, I received a lot of positive feedback. In addition to comments, I received messages from numerous people. The interactions were absolutely Phenomal! Sharing parts of yourself can open up so many things for others. You have no idea!

Many are afraid of sharing the “Not so Great” moments of their lives in fear of looking bad and being judged. A majority of the time, when someone passes judgement on you, it is something within themselves that they do not want to face. It’s usually NEVER about you. . .but their own limitations and/or insecurities. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is honest constructive criticism and there is JUDGEMENT. You must learn to differentiate the two. That’s an entire different topic for another day 😉

A few of you may feel that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness. WRONG! It is absolute courage! There is nothing like owning all that you are without any excuses or apologies. Do not be afraid of vulnerability. There is great reward in being vulnerable. It takes courage to ask for what you need, to express your feelings and to have those hard conversations that most keep hidden and locked away. It can also be a major bridge to building great connections. Does this make you a sucker? Absolutely NOT! I know it is no easy task. Your heart has to be completely open.

Authenticity also requires vulnerability in addition to transparency and integrity. I aim to be as authentic as possible. I have done. . .well, (still doing – I’m far from perfect), some major work on myself in regards to Integrity. If you cannot be honest and authentic with yourself, it will be hard to be honest and authentic with others. Aim to always do what is right, not what’s easy. You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all – Anonymous

The words below. . .the original share I posted on December 31st, 2015.

Own Who you are! Be Fearlessly Authentic!

Sooooo, in 2015. . .

▪ I have reestablished unconditional love for myself
▪ I not only strengthened but reinforced my personal relationship with God
▪ I have forgiven myself
▪ I have forgiven others
▪ I took a stand & stood up for myself in MANY negative situations
▪ I’ve become comfortable with being fully expressed
▪ I’m OK with the fact that I make a few uncomfortable (Means I’m doing something RIGHT)
▪ I Eliminated 85% of my debt (Almost DEBT Free)
▪ I have a new found Freedom & it feels Amazing
▪ I moved back to New York
▪ I’ve identified what I’m Attached to vs. what I’m Committed to
▪ I Restored full Integrity & recommited to myself
▪ I’ve taken on a project that will change the lives of many children (will not reveal as of yet)
▪ I gained many new powerful acquaintances in my network (personal & business)
▪ Got my Sexy Back (All Mental)
▪ I identified a whole lot of the negative in my life & I have taken steps to eliminate it (this includes people) ⬅ Do not be afraid to let go!
▪ I’m determined & focused

Mannnn listen! I’ve been through a lot of shit this year! As I’m sure many of you have been. Don’t glorify the negative. Celebrate the positive! You’re still alive & breathing; which means you have the Power to create anything you want for yourself!

I have no new year resolutions! I already have what I need & will continue to work for what I want! I look forward to a powerful 2016 & hope & pray many of you will be a part of it.

Happy New Year!