Custom Made

When you feel good, you look good! Be sure to Customize your life! After all, it is YOUR LIFE and you are Custom Made 💛

In regards to my style, I really love Custom Made pieces. I have a closet full of dresses and skirts you will not see on another person. Custom made makes your look classic, unique and different! In addition to standing out in the crowd, you support another’s dream and passion.


Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it! Fashion is ART and you are the canvas; so forget the rules! If you like it WEAR IT! Make sure it’s Hot though, lol 😉😆


Don’t be afraid to wear horizontal stripes! They’re always going to be a Big Fashion Statement! I had this skirt made about 5 years ago and this is my second time wearing it since! The key is HOW. . .what you pair it with and styling it for your body type.


💛 Loving & Living Life 💛


Location | Bronx, NY

Photographer | Matey Ghoslow Photography

Maxi Skirt  |Nsaa House of Designs

Top | Rainbow Shops

Earrings| Design By U Essentials



Camo is my Happy Color

I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEE anything Camouflage! You will see me with this Camo jacket no less than 3 times a week once Spring rolls around 😁

I enjoy pairing Camouflage with Black, Brown’s and Neutral Tones.

This is one of my to go looks; a white tee or tank with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, booties, Camo & bold ethnic accessories! I’m wearing Ethnic inspired necklace ‘Symmetry’ & my wrists are adorned with ‘Bamboo’, wood bracelets (which I wear 99.9% of the time). . .from Design By U Essentials!

Don’t be afraid to enhance your look with jewelry and bags.

I follow NO trends! I wear what I love; I dress how I feel!

This bag is one of my absolute favorites! It was a gift from my Dad 3 years ago. We were together when he bought it in Wa, which is in the Upper West Region in Ghana. It is also where Dad’s side of the family is from. As soon as I saw it, my eyes LIT up. So he bought it for me. I love to support local artisans! Happy we had the opportunity to support an artisan in Ghana.

In addition to Camo & more Camo, I absolutely love ART and color. It makes me Happy!

The Amazing graffiti art in these photos is by Brazilian artist, Panmela Castro. You will find this phenomenal mural on the walls outside of Andrew Freeman Home on the Grand Concourse in Bronx, NY. Visit if you can. There is nothing like seeing it in person.

Location | Andrew Freedman Home

Photographer | Matey Ghoslow Photography

Camo Jacket |Forever 21

White Tank |H & M

Boyfriend Jeans | H & M

Shoes | Cape Robbin

Jewelry |Design By U Essentials

Bag | Gift from Dad

Mural | Panmela Castro 

Natural Hair Bloggers : A Few of My Favorites 

Many are inspired by how I wear my natural hair in various tapered cuts and curled styles. I love creating different shaved cuts, color patterns and twist out techniques. Do you ever want that cut, style or technique, but just don’t know where to look? I prefer to use Instagram and the # hashtag, which is a powerful tool for us Naturalista’s. . . to get inspiration!

I too am quite inspired by many other Natural Hair Bloggers. These are just very few of those that I have on my inspiration list which I want to share with you. You’ll find a variety of shaped haircuts, fros, coils, curls & protective styles.

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20. christian_byshe

Quick Fix: Flat Twist Out and Straw Set

Below, you will find step by step details on how I achieved this Quick Flat Twist Out and Straw Set using the LOC Method.

  • First, I washed my hair with Cantu’s Complete Condtioning Co-Wash which gently cleanses your curls and your scalp. I like that its in a squeezable bottle; which makes applying it to my hair in the shower a lot easier. It’s also free of sulfates, silicones, parabens and mineral oil. . .and it smells absolutely amazing! 
After Co-Washing, I began the LOC Method
  • I applied a light water based leave-in conditioner by Giovanni. Moisturizing your hair restores its strength and builds body.
  • I then applied coconut oil to my hair. The oil helps lock in the moisture that I previously added with a leave-in conditioner. I used a cold-pressed and unrefined organic virgin coconut oil that I buy from Trader Joe’s. When massaged into your scalp, coconut oil helps to improve blood circulation; which helps support hair growth. Coconut Oil helps prevent split ends and your hair from breaking. It also makes your hair soft and adds luster and shine. It’s always best to apply oil to your hair when damp. 
  • I then combed my hair out with a wide tooth comb. This helps even out all the wonderful ingredients that I’ve added to my hair thus far. 
  • Next, I sectioned my hair in the direction I want my twists to fall. I usually prep about 4 small sections.
  • Flat Twists: Again, direction is EVERYTHING! This will determine how your curls look. I absolutely love to wear my curls in a frohawks. Starting from back to front, I twist in an upwards motion.
  • I then applied the last part of the LOC Method. I used Cantu’s Shea Butter for Natural Hair. . .Coconut Curling Cream. It moisturizes, defines curls and is excellent for dry hair! In the winter months, my hair tends to get very dry and brittle. I try my best to use products that will deep condition and retain moisture.
  • After twisting my hair, I then used straws to curl the ends of my flat twists.


I secure the straws with bobby pins. I allow my hair to air dry. If you prefer to sit under the dryer, be sure NOT to over dry your hair. . . and no worries; the straws will not melt 😅
When my twist were dry, I pulled them apart.

Finger Combing your curls helps twists stay in place




Products Used

Same Curls. . .Two days later 😊